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   AfriCam welcomes you to the world's first virtual game reserve.

Supporting the Cape Leopard Trust

The Leopard Cam is hosted by AfriTrust, an online, interactive, non-profit organisation whose purpose is to source donations for charitable projects for the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment, and to help uplift local communities.

AfriTrust gives you the chance to learn about worthy wildlife and environmental projects, and to support them through our online donation and adoption opportunities.

Our current feature project is the Cape Leopard Trust, a non-profit leopard conservation organisation in South Africa, near Cape Town. Through Leopard Cam, we aim to help them by raising funds to be used for the conservation of wild leopard populations in the Cape. Keep up to date with the exciting and interesting happenings at the Cape Leopard Trust through our camera traps, diaries, interactive message board and up to date news items here. We have a number of opportunities for you to help us raise desperately needed funds for the Cape Leopard Trust:

  1. Sponsor an Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

    These dogs can help save the lives of leopards by doing what they are bred to do - protecting livestock/domestic animals. The Cape Leopard Trust has initiated a unique project to provide farmers with these dogs to keep wild leopards from killing domestic farm animals, thus removing potential conflict between farmers and leopards. The dogs cost $700 each. There is a full and partial sponsorship program available on the Sponsor page. One dog has already been sponsored, and the Cape Leopard Trust is hoping to provide another five dogs to farmers as soon as possible, and to look at a breeding program.

    Sponsorship of an Anatolian Shepherd Dog will entitle you to:

    • name the dog
    • receive a certificate of adoption and a photograph of "your" dog
    • receive regular updates on the progress of "your" dog
    • receive bi-monthly email newsletter and highlights from the Leopard Cam
  2. Adopt a Leopard (US$25/month)

    The Cape Leopard Trust has so far identified 4 male, 7 female and 2 juvenile leopards in the area of study through the camera traps (seen on the Leopard Cam). As a non-profit trust, the Cape Leopard Trust desperately needs regular donations to keep the project moving forward. Leopard sponsorships require a monthly payment for 12 months and will be used to fund the study on the leopards. Choose your leopard at Afritrust under Adopt Me.

    Adoption of a Leopard will entitle you to:

    • receive a certificate of adoption and a photograph of "your" leopard
    • a soft leopard toy and leopard T-shirt from Africa
    • receive regular updates on the progress of "your" leopard
    • receive bi-monthly email newsletter and highlights from the Leopard Cam