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Cam Info

Welcome to our fascinating world of wildlife and places, please read on and find out how we bring this unique information to you!

All our cams have a history, between the nature reserves, conservation, game parks and dedicated people who’s passion is to share their love of wildlife. Below, you will find specific information about each cam:
location and subject; type of cam; best view time; subject information and a gallery of pics taken from that cam. We use very similar technology to the ones they use at casinos, so security and stability are always guaranteed. These casinos are usually more high end, so if you feel intimidated to go in person you can always visit them virtually. They offer the full online casino experience and a poker bonus to get things heated up. The most secure site built by the most passionate codes in the region. You must check it out for yourself.

We welcome suggestions, comments and queries, or anything of interest you may wish to share.

Each camera is customized to its particular location, often as is the case with the wildlife cams, the cams are far away from mains electricity, telecoms infrastructure and other resources. As a result, alternative power sources are used with some innovative wireless technology. This results in some technical challenges in setting up these cams, as well as maintaining them and it is not unusual to have interference with cams, from humans, terrain, and animals alike.
Live streaming
This is live real time video and in some cases live audio.
The logistics and cost of operating such cameras in Africa are extremely difficult and as a result most cameras are on a live refresh system.
Live refresh
Live real time still images are refreshed at certain time intervals, for example every 30sec.
Please see each camera for a specific refresh rate.
Camera traps
These are cameras that are deployed into the field and are triggered by movement. They are not live, and are normally used to collect data for research projects.
Types of cams
The streaming and refresh cameras are made up of two types of cameras, static cameras that cannot move and are focused onto a subject matter, and cameras with a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) function that can move and is operated by a controller on location. Please see specific cams for more details.

Time Zones

Depending on daylight saving which will vary from summer to winter, the following is a guide based on the time difference from Central African Time (UTC/GMT +2)

Central Standard Time USA: -8 hours (eight hours behind)
Central European Time: -1 hour (one hour behind)
Central Standard Time Australia: +7 hours 30 minutes (seven hours thirty minutes ahead)

Please have a look at the sun clock below which will give you a visual perspective of the worlds time zones.

Please note that where possible certain cameras are equipped with an artificial light source for night time viewing.






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