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A solution for those who are receiving the following:
"Error : the image that you have requested is not available." on their cam windows.

1. If using a Norton Internet Security or Personal Firewall.
Click on this link : When this Norton's page opens, please be sure to check under SOLUTIONS (second paragraph from the top) for the correct year of your Norton program.

2. If using ZoneAlarm Pro, do the following:
Double click on ZoneAlarm icon.
Click Privacy tab.
Click 'Site List' tab .
For Private Header must be allowed, (you can do this by clicking on the Private Header square and choosing Allow).

3. On occassion in some browsers when you try to save an image, it saves it without the extension .jpg. This may confuse some programs you might use to open these files. A simple solution is to rename the file with the extension - .jpg - included.

4. Occasionally just hitting F5 (the keyboard refresh command) will get rid of the dreaded red "X's".

The above solutions have been very kindly provided by Africammers: Elaine/PA, Seal and madbear.

Any problems or questions; please email