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African Pic of the Day

Submitted by: E.Gulyás/HU on 08 November at 09:20 AM
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This image will not refresh. It is just an example of what you can see on the live cams.

Polar Bear Cam

Posted on: Sat Oct 15 21:30:09 SAST 2005

Africam has partnered with The Tundra Buggy to bring you the annual bear migration through the Churchill region, Canada. Visit the Polar Bear Cam

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Leopardcam: how you can help

The Leopard Cam is hosted by AfriTrust, an online, interactive, non-profit organisation whose purpose is to source donations for charitable projects for the conservation of african wildlife and the natural environment, and to help uplift local communities.

Its current feature project is the Cape Leopard Trust, a non-profit leopard conservation organisation in South Africa, near Cape Town. Through Leopard Cam, it aims to help them by raising funds to be used for the conservation of wild leopard populations in the Cape.

Leopard cam up and running

Updated on: Sat Jul 9 16:42:14 SAST 2005

The leopard cam is not a live cam - it's a daily schedule of all the photographs of the camera traps set up in the Cedarberg mountains by Afritrust.

The good news is there's lots to look at since movement triggers the cameras: leopards (sometimes during the day!), baboons, oryx, duiker, banded mongoose, dassies, civets and genets, bat-eared fox, porcupine, honey badger, scrub hare jackals, the occasional homo sapiens with backpack (it's a popular hiking area), and an aardwolf! This is a very rare animal indeed. Check it out for yourself:


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